Mandalas - are special symbols for meditation with ornamental pattern, often include circles, triangles, squares, honeycombs and lotus petals. Adjustment of consciousness happens due to special structure and color coding during focusing on them. It helps to discover certain human abilities and influence on the world around us in order to realize our true desires.

"Mandala Code" application for iOS and Android devices encodes the key word or phrase into color patterns and creates three different types of mandala:

  • Mandala for increase, growth, extension (Sample: prosperity, wealth, income, business, sphere of influence etc.);

  • Mandala for healing of diseases or some organs;

  • Mandala for the fulfillment of desires.


Symmetrical, rhythmically repetitive color patterns create on a subconscious level a sense of integrity and programming our consciousness to achieve well-being and prosperity.

Working with mandalas has much in common with art therapy and music therapy, because it allows a person to direct his creative energy on healing both the physical illnesses and on the spiritual problems, which are often the main source and the cause of many diseases.


  • Mandala creation by calculation of color patterns based on the key word or phrase;
  • Three different mandala types: for increase, healing and the fulfillment of desires;
  • Creation of complete mandala for further work with it;
  • Creation of black and white mandala forms for printing and further hand painting.

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